Adoption, Depression, and Celebrities – Plus Links YOU Should Share

This is going to be a rather strange post for me as it isn’t a review or a ramble (well, half of it isn’t), but a post that provides actual information on some really awesome and important things. For the first time, I’m going to ask all of you that read my silly opinions to share this post with people, because it just might be the first thing you read on this blog that isn’t silly. So, keep reading.

My Friend Wrote A Book!

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A very good friend of mine has just published a children’s ebook (and soon to be physical book) entitled Alma, which is about adoption, adopted children, and the struggles birth mothers have to go through. It’s a really great book for any adopted kid that may be feeling confused and angry towards their birth parents, because it presents adoption situations as issues that aren’t really black-and-white – because they really aren’t. It has beautiful illustrations and all proceeds will go to adoption organizations. Please spread this around – my friend has worked really hard on it!

Click here for the ebook


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The incredibly talented and intelligent Lindsay Ellis, also known as the Nostalgia Chick on, wrote a blog post about depression shortly after the suicide of Robin Williams.

Her post, while not really about Robin Williams exclusively, explains many of the misconceptions concerning depression. It is not a post for people who experience depression, it is a post for people who don’t experience depression, which is why I think it is so important and needs to reach as many people as possible.

I myself have never suffered depression, and it would be foolish and inconsiderate of me to even think about posting any advice to people on the subject, with the exception of the following: read this post. And then share it with people. It’s important.

Click here to read Lindsay’s post

My Blurb About Celebrities

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The news about Robin Williams is incredibly devastating for so many people. To us, Robin was an extremely funny man with a crazy amount of talent. He was one of those rare celebrities who seems genuine, real, and just an endless gold mine of both comedic and dramatic content. He was the real deal.

I didn’t know Robin Williams personally. Only a small portion of people on the planet can claim as such. But it doesn’t matter, because so many people felt like they knew him and the characters he played.

I talk a lot about character on my blog, but I’m afraid I haven’t said a lot about the actors that portray them, and that’s because sometimes it feels better to separate characters from actors. I want to believe that the characters I love are separate from people I don’t really know, and even if I’m a fan of a celebrity I know in the back of my mind that however cool and likable they may seem on the screen or in interviews or on Twitter, I don’t really know them. And that sucks.

Because sometimes, it feels like we know these people. It feels like we’re their friends, almost. And with the existence of social media, the wall between celebrities and their fans has only gotten shorter, or so it seems.

Which is why situations like Robin Williams committing suicide is genuinely heartbreaking for so many. Robin Williams’ fans felt like they knew him, and what he did only reminded and finalized the realization that they really didn’t.

That being said, will I (or you, for that matter) stop following celebrities? Will we unfollow their Twitter feeds, unlike their Facebook pages, or stop watching their interviews? Of course not. And Robin Williams will continue to live on in the work he did, which is really the closest way fans and celebrities can connect.

But it does remind us that celebrities aren’t superhuman – they’re human. They’re ordinary people, with ordinary problems. Whether or not we want to believe it.


One More Thing…

I got a Twitter!

That’s right. I did.

I still don’t really understand Twitter and I doubt I ever will, but you should follow me regardless.

Here is my Twitter page.

Thank you!


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