Where The Hell Have I Been? – Update

Greetings, you 30 or so humans that actually read this blog. I wanted to make a quick update on where I’ve been and why I haven’t been posting anything. Hopefully this will explain everything, so here we go.

1. Where the hell have you been, Knife Ink?

School. School, school, school, school, and school. It’s taking over my life, and likely will be in the coming weeks.

2. What’s next on the menu, and when is it coming?

I have no idea about either of those questions, unfortunately. I’ll probably get around to reviewing The Matrix soon, as well as more X-Files reviews on The Review is Out There.

3. Is there any place you’re consistently active online?

Yep. Twitter. I go on Twitter all the time. Follow me.

4. What about The Review is Out There?

You’ll probably be seeing more activity on that blog than on this one, unfortunately for you non-X-Files fans. Sorry.

5. You’re not quitting, are you?

Nope. Just busy.

6. What’s your real name?

Nice try.

7. What should I be doing/watching in the meantime?

You mean what are you going to do with your life with no new Knife Ink Reviews in it? Hopefully what you were doing before you started reading Knife Ink Reviews. But in the meantime you can also watch Bee and Puppy Cat.


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