Update – Knife Ink Reviews is Going On Hiatus

This blog, Knife Ink Reviews, is going on hiatus. I will not be posting regularly here anymore, not that I’ve ever posted here regularly, but you get the point. Posts on this blog will be few and far between.

Is this permanent? Certainly not. I definitely want to get back to reviewing fairly regularly, as well as reviewing more varied material. But I just don’t have time at this point, for several reasons.

1. I’m working and in school.

2. I often struggle deciding what to review, since I rarely watch/read things for the sake of reviewing them.

3. The X-Files.

The first two points are easy enough to understand, but the last point might cause a few eye-rolls for the few non-X-Files readers I might have. A big part of the reason I’m not focusing on this blog so much is because I want to devote my blogging time to my X-Files review blog, The Review is Out There, especially because of the recently announced X-Files revival. I want to get as many episodes reviewed as I can before January. Another huge reason is that since I’ve already seen most of the episodes multiple times, I’m so familiar with the material that reviewing them is quite easy and fun for me to do. I enjoy reviewing X-Files pretty much more than anything (an exception might be the Legend of Korra audio reviews, which I also enjoyed doing).

Don’t worry. This blog is not dead. It’s just going into hibernation for a while. You might see an occasional #Billbored post (in which I review songs on the Billboard Hot 100), or maybe even a movie review if I ever get around to seeing more movies, but from now until January, it’s going to be mostly X-Files. 

But, I will still be doing occasional livetweets and posting stuff on Twitter, so be sure to follow me there if you’d like to keep up.

Also…I got a Tumblr? I guess I felt I needed a place to really fangirl, but feel welcome to follow me if you’d like.

Thanks to everyone who follows,

Knife Ink


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