Random Musings

Like most people, my opinions and thoughts are not restricted to books, movies, and music. Whenever I have something to say that doesn’t require a review, it will go here, on the “Random Musings” page. It could still be about a movie or book or whatever, but these, for the most part, won’t be reviews. They can be top ten lists, campaigns against candy flavors, dumb ideas, but mostly they are what they’re called – random musings.

If you’d like to hear me babble on about random things, you can visit the subpage, Talks, which has (really, really, really low quality) audio recordings of me talking about things that are on my mind.


I Don’t Think I Can Do It – An X-Files Post

Reaching That 2048 Tile

Don’t Fail Me, Jennifer Lawrence

Campaign Against Blue Raspberry

Legend of Korra Season 3 & Other Random Musings (Video review with a special guest!)

What To Do When No One’s Reading Your Blog

A “Strong Female Character”?

Adoption, Depression, and Celebrities

Top Ten Internet Games from the 2000s (That I Played)

Dorm Room Mornings

Make the College Application Process Suck Less in 4 Simple Steps

Educationated: Texas v. College Board

The Sound of Music’s Worst Song

Why Holidays Sell

An Ode to Leonard Nimoy, and To His Undying Character

My Week With Kate and Spence

Your OTP Is Not An Excuse for Slut-Shaming

Not “Into” Anime? Watch Cowboy Bebop


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